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  • Capabilities
    Discover why BEI Kimco is poised to help design the best solution for your motion control applications.

  • FAQ
    Learn the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about voice coil actuators and brushless DC (BLDC) motors.

  • VCA Calculation Tool
    This VCA Frequency Calculator tool will help you determine the most suitable VCA for your application.

  • VCA White Paper
    Learn more about VCA technology and how it can help move your applications in this Advanced Magnetic Motion Control whitepaper.

  • Product Brochures
    Review BEI Kimco’s product portfolio in a Product Overview Brochure.

  • Videos
    • Design World reviews the VCA Developer’s kit in this product review video.

    • View the LAS13 Linear Voice Coil Actuator Series with integrated position sensor in action.

  • About VCAs

  • About BLDC Motors
    • What is a Brushless DC Motor?
      Technical overview of how a brushless DC motor operates. This will give you a crash course in BLDC functions, operational characteristics and different types of designs.

    • Sizing Brushless DC Motors
      How can you determine the best BLDC motor for your specific application?