Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a voice coil actuator vs. a solenoid?

Solenoid are on or off devices with one position for the off condition and another position for the on condition. So it's an either / or device. Voice coils can be controlled from one end of it's stroke to the other end of it's stroke with various force and infinite position resolution (depending on feedback device).


What are the key advantages of voice coil actuators?

One key advantage of a voice actuator is they have a low moving mass which means they can accelerate fast.


What is the difference between Un-housed, Semi-housed and Housed voice coil actuators?

Un-housed actuators consist of a coil assembly and a field assembly which require an external (customer supplied) mechanical structure to make them work.
Semi-housed actuators consist of a coil assembly and a field assembly with a shaft and linear bearing to keep the two parts concentric to each other. For Semi-housed actuators need a customer supplied mechanical structure to make them work however they only need to provide axial support not radial.
Housed actuators are complete with housings, shafts and bearing and no axial or radial support is required.


What types of VCAs does BEI Kimco make?

Linear, Radial, Spherical, Un-housed, Semi-housed and Housed


How do I determine what size actuator I need?

Download our VCA calculation tool and contact our sales team.


Does BEI Kimco offer custom designs?

Yes, BEI Kimco has designed custom motors for hundreds of medical, industrial and military product applications since 1974. Please contact us with details on your application and we would be happy to assist you.


What types of motor configurations does BEI Kimco manufacture?

BEI Kimco designs and manufactures Housed, Frameless and Outside Rotating designs.


What is Frameless BLDC Motor?

A frameless motor is sold as a rotor and stator part set that is supplied without the motor housing, shaft or bearings. The motor rotor is directly mounted to the customer supplied shaft or load. This configuration supports reduced system size and weight while increasing dynamic response times and positional accuracies.


Are motors available for high temperature applications?

Yes, Kimco has supported many applications where our motors are required to operate at ambient temperatures approaching 205°C.


What is the maximum speed that can be achieved with the Kimco BLDC motor product?

In general, the speed of the motor is a function of the applied voltage. Kimco offers motor configurations that are capable of speeds upwards of 70Krpm.