VCA Calculation Tool

Helps You Determine the Most Suitable VCA for Your Application

When selecting a Voice Coil Actuator (VCA) for use in your application, requirements such as force, stroke, size, etc. are typically fixed values and easily identifiable. However, the requirement for a specific frequency is more difficult to determine, since it is a variable value, and cannot simply be stated without more information. That is why we developed our VCA Frequency Calculator.

The VCA Frequency Calculator is a great tool to help you determine the most suitable VCA for your application. Provided you know the desired Operating Stroke and Load Moving Mass for linear VCAs, or the Operating Excursion Angle and Load Inertia for rotary VCAs, you can enter that information into Columns G and I respectively and easily get the theoretical frequencies in sinusoidal and triangular motion for both peak and continuous forces in Columns L through O. Column K will also calculate the Acceleration of the actuator, which can be useful information for high speed applications.

It is important to remember this tool functions under a number of assumptions and provides a theoretical result. The results may not be exact, but they should be close enough to provide a good idea of how the VCA will operate given your application requirements. Some of the assumptions include:

  • A constant force along the stroke
  • The VCA is operating horizontally
  • The required voltage and current is applied
  • The higher the stroke, the bigger the drop in force sensitivity (it can vary from 15% to 20%)
  • High frequencies (100+ Hz) have a wider margin of error
  • The electrical time constant is set at 0

The VCA Frequency Calculator is updated as new part numbers are added. If you do not see the part number you are looking for, or nothing seems to fit within your specification range, contact us so we can help you find a solution. Simulink blocks are also available upon request.

Click here to download the VCA Frequency Calculator Tool.