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Voice Coil Actuator (VCA) Developerís Kit  

Complete VCA and Driver Kit for Custom Actuation System

The new Voice Coil Actuator (VCA) Developerís Kit from BEI Kimco is a completely self-contained kit including a VCA with built-in feedback sensor and a programmable controller with motion control software that runs on the userís local PC. The kit allows users to take advantage of the inherent benefits of VCAs without needing to separately specify the necessary electronics for a complete control system.

Using this invaluable device, customers can quickly develop an actuation system and demonstrate a working design concept. Users can control velocity, position, force, reciprocation, and acceleration in applications such as valve control, beam steering, clamping, and up to multi-axis servo control.

Three models of VCAs are available for use in the developerís kit. Each VCA is paired with the appropriate controller PCBA that is recommended to drive the particular VCA. The controller can operate in open or closed loop modes, is internally compensated for high linearity, and supports coordinated multi-axis applications. A flash drive is included in the kit which provides the necessary links to all software and set-up instructions, including driver downloads, user manual, specification sheets for the VCAís and a configuration file that can be used to drive the VCA for easy start-up.

The customized MotionLab software program by Ingenia Motion Control provides a simplified programming environment and example programs such as program flow, motion, oscillation, timers, memory and I/O access. An oscillation motion test is available for simple built-in self-testing capability.

Each stock VCA Developer's Kit comes with an external threaded shaft, unless otherwise specified. Selecting a different shaft option will not increase the price of the developer's kit, but may affect availability. Please consult the VCA Data Sheet below for more information on shaft options, performance, and more.

Important Links - Downloads and User Guides

Video: Design World Product Spotlight featuring BEI Kimcoís VCA Developerís Kit


Order your Kit Today

The BEI Kimco VCA Kits are available in three configurations. Part numbers below specify the type of VCA. The VCA in each kit is paired with a compatible servo drive.

To order or for more information, contact us through our online form, email or at one of the following phone numbers:

  • N. America: 760-597 7042
  • US Toll Free: 800-572-7560
  • Europe: +33 (0) 476 063 473


Kit Contents

  • VCA (see chart below for ordering options)
  • Pluto digital servo drive
  • I/O ribbon cable
  • USB 2.0 A Male to USB Micro B Male cable
  • Key Flash Drive


Body Diameter




Body Length




Peak Force

3.5 lbs
15.57 N

20 lbs
89.0 N

60 lbs
266.9 N

Current at Peak Force

1.59 A

7.02 A

13.16 A

Continuous Stall Force

0.76 lbs
3.4 N

3.82 lbs
17 N

13.5 lbs
60.10 N

Total Stroke





10 μ

10 μ

40 μ

VCA Data Sheet

VCA Kit Data Sheet

VCA Developer’s Kit part numbers are listed above and offer three VCA model options.  The specifications in this table apply to the VCA unit.


Full PID Control

Current/Torque Servo Loop Velocity Servo Loop Position Servo Loop Operating Modes


USB 2.0

Inputs & Outputs

4x digital inputs
2x analog inputs (12 bits)
2x digital outputs

Supply Voltage*

12 VDC to 48 VDC


60mm X 60mm x 15mm



The BEI Kimco VCA Developer’s Kit is supplied with a Pluto Digital Servo Drive by Ingenia Motion Control.  This is an open frame, compact miniature DC servo drive.
*Customer must provide the power supply.


Voice Coil Actuator (VCA) Developerís Kit Ė Important Additional Links

BEI Kimco has partnered with Ingenia Motion Control as the supplier of the VCA Kit servo drive and custom kit software. You can find all software downloads, driver downloads, user manuals, and other in-depth instructions by clicking the links below. You will be automatically redirected to our partnerís website. If you need assistance on any aspect of the kit, please contact BEI Kimco directly.

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